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Get the latest information about the newest features and benefits in AutoCAD 2023, in the videos below.Watch more videos about CAD | CAD resourcesWatch more videos about drawing and design features in AutoCAD:1. Fastest 3D technologyStay connected with exciting updates to AutoCAD. Install it on your Windows 10 computer and get AutoCAD Express! AutoCAD Express 2019 is designed for use on Windows 10 and enables users to install AutoCAD Express 2019 and view all of the enhancements of AutoCAD Express 2019, including new features, technical improvements, and greater speed and performance.2. Autodesk app for iPadCatch the latest technical updates on the go. Download Autodesk 360 to your iPad. Create, edit and modify documents, drawings, and presentations directly on your tablet. And with a free trial, try Autodesk 360 free for 60 days.3. New Feature, New WayUp to now, the only way to design and modify drawings was to use the 2D wireframe method. But with the new 2D Drafting feature, AutoCAD does not require you to manually create geometry for your drawings, and it’s possible to share your design and feedback with clients by email. Check out our video to learn more about the 2D Drafting feature.4. Extending 2D wireframesExtending 2D wireframes gives designers the ability to create dynamic 2D perspective views of their 3D models. This provides designers with the ability to work in a 2D view to iterate a design as well as in a 3D view to look at the final view from multiple perspectives. To learn more about extending 2D wireframes, check out the video.5. Design from scanned photosWith Sketchbook Pro, you can easily import digital photographs, vector images, sketches, and more into AutoCAD. More information about AutoCAD Sketchbook Pro 2020 and our new site for all Sketchbook products is available at New Feature, New WayNow it is possible to annotate and highlight elements on your DWG file for easy access while working on your designs. Use the new Annotate tool to make notes, highlight objects, or draw sketches directly on your DWG files.* With the new Annotation feature, annotations 2be273e24d


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