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Le Fais do-do's First Blog Post Ever!

We’ve finally made it into the digital world. But expect us to move a little slower than the pros, as we learn the ropes. Welcome and thank you for reading. Weddings are a great deal of fun (for the most part) to work on and we throughly enjoy the creative aspect of each one we do.

Let's Talk Budget.....Big or Small?

The budget can be "what you want to spend"..... then create what you can get with that determined amount. Or decide what you want and put a cost to it based on what you have selected. Most couples have in mind the total amount they want to spend. Many want a location that will offer a hassle free package; and understandably so. A wedding without boundaries can easily spiral out of "budget control" leaving you in a fog of stress and discontent. This is NOT where you want or need to be! We are seeing, as reported by the heavy weights in the industry, a new outlook from our couples. That is smaller guest counts with more quality. More custom components for a luxury feel that simply cannot be created with super sized guest counts on the similar budget. I have been counseling my clients for years to only invite those guests that are truly going to be a part of your lives for the rest of your life. Casual work place, friends, or even never seen family (second cousins and relatives that you have never even met) don't really need to be at your wedding. If you are not sure how to set your budget.....then find someone who can really help you to make sense of how to do this. It should be your number one priority before venue, decor, or what to eat. In my 20 plus year career I have only worked with 2 couples that the budget was of no concern. So having a budget and sticking as closely to it as possible should never offend any wedding professional. That is unless you are being unrealistic with the amount you want to spend vs. what you actually want. While working on this piece keep in the back of your mind (I can not drive through the McDonald's window order a big mac meal and give the lady 2 dollars). You have to have a realistic perspective on what money will actually do in the wedding building process. It's not rocket science and every item costs.

Creating A Budget and Wedding That Will Work for You


Selecting a Great Wedding Package That Covers What You Want

Either way the goal is to create an ideal situation that will allow you and your fiancé to maximize the most lovely space of time, before and during your wedding, that will leave a lingering effect of joy filled memories to last throughout your life.

Wow....come's easy....let's get started!

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