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A Family Affair

Le Fais do-do is a family owned and operated venue. We host events all the time, but we understand that your event could be the biggest and most important one that you will ever host. Your event is as important to us as it is to you. Bring us your big ideas and let us help you to make them a reality.

Le Fais do-do: The French term literally means to "make sleep", but in the Cajun culture, a fais do-do is a big party, where dancing and festivities last long into the night.

Le Fais do-do specializes in events of every size and budget. 

We house over ten thousand square feet of on-site inventory. We work with a myriad of talented vendors to uniquely craft a custom event for your specific guest count, design aesthetic, and cuisine.


We work closely with the many cultures in the Atlanta area to insure that your family customs will be honored and represented.

Marie & Bruce 


There's just something amazing about the wedding experience that keeps me artistically excited. After 26 years of designing and creating weddings I truly never bore of working on my next wedding event. There is no project "ask" that we shy away from. We custom build props on site, coordinate destination weddings, work with out-of-state or country clients, and offer wedding and marriage counseling.


This is a most exciting time for the both of you. Le Fais do-do is a beautiful platform to build your "big day" experience upon. We design comprehensive wedding packages to suit each client's specific needs.

Every Event Under the Sun

Our event portfolio is crazy amazing. We have hosted politicians, dignitaries, celebrities, galas, birthdays, book signings, concerts, fraternities, sororities, art shows, mitzvahs, and more. Among my favorites are fashion shows, costume parties, and pageants. Le Fais do-do is the perfect setting for pretty much any party. But masquerades, Mardi Gras, and costumed events are simply extraordinary! We do it all.

We have had the opportunity to work with some of Atlanta's finest and most talented and artistic people. There has been so much fun and laughter played out here and we expect to see much more.


Bring us your ideas and themes. We will work with you to set the stage, light the candles, and spark the feelings desired with decor, lighting, music, and libations! 

Always start with the end in mind. Know your budget. Set your limitations. Have Fun!

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